Beijing Kafry Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional sunflower seed company, mainly focus on the trial, introduction and promotion of sale on sunflower hybrid seeds, including confection, oil, kernel and ornamental.
Kafry Company, together with its pioneers, has been keeping a closer and long-term cooperative relationship with companies and institutes from the world on the research, development and business of new sunflower hybrid seeds.
Kafry Company owns a huge, nation-wide network on promotion and service of new sunflower hybrid seeds in China, one of biggest sunflower countries in the world. Depend on this advantage the company has been successful in the introduction and promotion of new sunflower hybrid seeds, and has a great contribution to raising farmers' output and income in sunflower planting areas.
Kafry Company also would like to provide farmers with seeds of other crop as a supplier of high quality seeds.

Kafry Company reasures its traditional value, and continues to serve Chinese farmers, to cooperate with its traditional and new coming partners that are our most precious resources on the introduction of new crop hybrid seeds. We would like to adventure the biggest seed market of the world together you just as we did in the past years.
Thank you for your attention and being one of our partners!

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